Senior Home Selling and Next Chapter

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When it's time to have that "talk" with parents, grandparents or even freinds who are in their senior years, it can be difficult.   Finding the right words, doesn't always happen, it has to be done.   I have included links within this, and will continue to update, as I move forward with assisting.

In 2022, I was asked to help a man that had no family in the area, his wife was going into hospice and had an distant relationship with his son.  I met with the sister-in-law, who came for 2 weeks to get her sister's affairs in order and help the man out.   I put myself in an above and beyond position as a Realtor.   I helped, along with his neighbor, to find the right place for him to move.   After his key things were out, I assessed the entire home.  They told me to get rid of everything else.  I organized every room and item to see what I could sell for him.  Some on Facebook (I kept his envelop of sales to give to him after all was sold and done), while other items were taken on consignment and a check was sent to him.  I looked at what remaining could be donated to where (Veteran's Organizations, Family Services, etc).  The rest of the items that could not be sold or donated, I coordinated a trash pick up.  I spent quite a few hours going through everything to ensure but learned a lot and have a system down now.  I also found silver coins that were valuable he left behind.   I was directed to open a safe deposit box for him and send keys to his sister in another state for safe keeping.   Unfortuantely no one was able to fly here to assist so took it on and happy to do so.  We did sell his home for over list price (in a high market too).

I still keep in touch with him and he tells me he trusts me so knows he can call me any time, and has.  I took him a small tree for Christmas too, which he loved.   This really made me realize just how valuable I could be to help others and happy to do so.  

Deciding on a Realtor to help you is key.   I see this as not only a Realtor you will need, but a guidance and "go to" resource.   

Where do I start?   Let's set up a time to talk to go over what the current situation is, determine the needs going forward of where our senior will move and determine that first.  I do a flat commission, as Realtors do, and you will get every penny paid in and more from me.  

Getting Guardianship or Power of Attorney?  Whether health and mind are both slowing or not, it is important to get with a reputable attorney to ensure a Will is in place, if you need a Guardianship, Power of Attorney, or Estate set up (depends on situation overall).   

What facilities are best to fit the needs of living?   Here are some great places to talk to and set up a tour of their facility.   It is important to get the cost, and what is included with those costs.  

Brookdale Senior Living - Memory Car options too

Carriage at the the Crossing

Bickford Senior Living

Amber Glen Senior Living

The Inman Place

Villas of Hollybrook

Windsor of Savoy

Clark Lindsey - Normally a Waiting List

What do I do with all the furniture and items that won't be moving?   I suggest FOUR piles.  Keep/Donate/Sell/Throw Away.   I have a list of places to contact for either donation or consignment.   I also have a company that will pick throw away items, keep this until ready for overall final pick up for cost savings.  It is key to go through the home with your senior, taking what they need, putting anything they want to keep in storage somewhere if needed. 

Family Services of Champaign County

Getting the Home Ready for the Market:  Viewing the home, getting an idea of what MUST be done to sell it if wanting best and highest dollar, or are you going to sell it AS IS and do minimal.   It's key to go over this with a professional to ensure what is expected.   I have a list of contractors and suggestions to keep costs down and move foward.   A pre-inspection on the home is a great way to know any underlying conditions to either be aware of or repair before going LIVE.   If doing AS IS, this allows a buyer to know what they are getting into and you are not hiding anything, as well as adjust pricing accordingly.  

I do have changing contractors, based on what the market is doing too.   When you hire the Stefanie Pratt Team, you get an involved Realtor that will guide you through this difficult process of transition. 

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