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Why do I need a home and/or radon inspection?

Considering that buying a home might be the biggest investments you'll ever make, wouldn't you like to be assured that this home is THE RIGHT ONE!  Having a home inspection can set your mind at ease by knowing the "ins and outs" of a house, construction methods, operation and maintenance with longevity in mind. 

During a home inspection it is important to let the inspector do their job.  While it sounds important and cool to follow the inspector around asking questions and learning, it can be better to save that until the end.   You can request for additional time at the end of the inspection for questions/explanations if you would like to have more thorough information. 

The inspection will begin with the exterior and continue to the inside.  The crawl space or basement will be towards the end.  An inspector will check electrical, structural, insulation levels, plumbing, mechanics (furnace, a/c, hot water heater, etc), and many more items.  They will give you a complete report which will show the age and condition of everything checked.  The end of the report will show the minor repairs which normally consist of smaller items that are more informational to watch or fix if you desire. 

The major repairs are in need of a closer look as these could be expensive to repair.  You will need to negotiate with the seller to either repair or give a concession to repair after closing.  It is advisable to request that a licensed contractor repair the major items.   Your Realtor can assist you in your requests. 

When purchasing older homes the potential handyman repairs that may have occurred over the years and the age factor necessitate an inspection. New homes may have up to 200 contractors and subcontractors performing work on a house, leaving the general contractor unable to possibly identify all errors. That's why you should hire a seasoned inspector that has a solid background and actual carpentry/construction experience. This is where Tech Spec can help assist all your needs.   

The State of Illinois now requires a radon disclosure on all homes.  Radon testing has become increasingly popular among home buyers to know the levels within the home.   The level acceptable as per the state is 4.0.  Anything above that advises mitigation that can start at $850 and increase depending on size and foundation.  Radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless radioactive gas that comes from the radioactive decay of naturally occurring uranium in the soil. It can enter homes and buildings through small cracks in the foundation, sump pumps or soil in crawlspaces.  The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is urging homeowners throughout the state to test their homes for radon after a study of radon testing results found nearly half of 22,000 homes tested by professionals had potentially unsafe levels of radon. The study also found 80 counties where few, if any, professional tests for the naturally occurring radioactive gas known to cause lung cancer were conducted during the two-year study period.

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