Supporting Local Businesses

On March 16, 2020, Restaurants and Bars were ordered to shut down by the State of Illinois.  While they can prepare food and do curb side service and/or delivery, this is not enough to keep them fully supported as a business.   Some made the decision to close temporarily. 

Stefanie was in the beverage industry that serviced restaurants and bars before her real estate career in 2003, so she understands the struggles so many are facing.  While she planned to order a few meals and purchase a few gift certificates, she realized how many people she is connected with so had to figure out how to support them, but also get others to do the same.   By purchasing gift certificates, she gets money to them now, and brings others into the mix to use these once they reopen, also putting more money to keep them going.  

Each week, The Stefanie Pratt Team, will draw names to give away a select number of gift certificates to local restaurants and bars.  Register to win on this page with your full name, address, contact number and Email.  These areas must be filled out in order to contact the winner.  The links to establishments are below to go on to purchase additional gift certificates and/or order online to support.  The goal is to keep flowing money into their businesses now by buying gift certificates, and then ensure money gets spent back into the business when they are permitted to open back up.  

Why purchase?  To help give those establishments some income coming in during these trying times.   The hope is to use them at a later date, however some may need to use them sooner and we understand that.   

Thank you for participating and please remember to support local businesses.  This is just another way The Stefanie Pratt Team gives back to the Community.  Click on each name to go to their site or Facebook page to order, support and learn more.

Alexander's Steakhouse

Clark Bar, GLOW and Icehouse

Baldarotta's Porketta & Sicilian Sausage

Big Grove

Billy Barooz

Blue Dragonfly Catering

Boomerangs Bar and Grill

Bunny's Tavern

Classic Events Catering

Collective Pour - Downtown Champaign

Crane Alley

DP Dough Champaign


El Toro Mexican Restaurant

Farren's Pub & Eatery

Fat City Bar

Fiesta Cafe

Hamilton Walker's

Hickory River Smokehouse

Jupiter's at the Crossing

Manzella's Italian Patio Restaurant


Monical's Pizza

Naya Champaign

Nando Milano

Michael's Catering

Olive Garden

Original Pancake House

Papa Del's Pizza

Pan & Cake Catering (Desserts)

Prairie Gardens

Riggs Beer Company

Rosati's Pizza

Silver Creek

Sun Singer Restaurant

There are people offering to purchase gift certificates for this, help me set them up to feed the front line responders and more.   Thank you all so much.  They have given me permission to share their names, and will accumulate when others do the same.  Many options that are coming together and being created. 

Holly Ann

Jennifer Dilavou and the U of I Alumni Association

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By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Stefanie Pratt permission to contact you via email or phone.